Theme: Life

Songs of Life

by Asha Nigam
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Songs sung of praises,
Joys and delights,
Some hurts, some 
Defeats, some 
Disgrace for surprise. 
Yet all with sense of 
Acceptance and 
To brave them in
Earthly time. 
Who wrote the lyrics,
Lyrics of Perfect weight,
Balance of Happiness
And Dejections 
Spread evenly
Through and through. 
Lyrics hidden in your
Musical Sounding Fate,
Lest you know your
Next unfolding page. 
Who choreographed
The Steps to be Danced
With Grace by you 
Through each and 
Every day. 
Some say you brought
Them all when 
You decided to
Unburden what
You collected in so
Many stayovers
Who kept the count 
What you owed,
Who owed you in
Different ways. 
Who to give who to take
Sorted with some
Sensible Grace. 
Sounds perhaps 
Life sings your songs
In myriad different ways,
Only to fulfill all you
Lovingly gathered in 
Many of those 
Past sways. 
Your Songs of Life,
Full of Love 
Full of Grace 
Sung in
Astonishing Blessed Ways.


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