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Show's Over

She stumbled and fell, tripped over herself

Landed flat on her face, embarrassing
Her skirt blew over and they saw the white lace
"Damn" said one, "Epic" exclaimed another
"Wow would you look at that", whistled somebody else

Her ears burned as she listened to the squeals of delight and laughter
And her face turned red
She felt the hot tears brimming, it clouded her eyes
She bit her lower lip and silently cried
Yet, not one of them came over to help.

By the time a kind soul stepped out, 
She turned the tables on them instead,
She pushed herself up and sat upright
Pulled her skirt down and covered their reason for delight
Then she stood up on her feet, 
Dusted herself off and smiled showing all her teeth.

With poise and charm and a twinkle in her eye, she said,
"What are you waiting for ladies and gentlemen?
The show is over
The curtains have come down, no more reason to cheer and holler
So why don't we all applaud and say yes please?
Thank you all for being so kind and making me feel at such ease".

They were taken by surprise, too dumbfounded to speak
And realised their rudeness and folly so to speak
Then watched the lady as she walked away with grace
Her head held high and a smile on her face

So that's how she taught those onlookers a lesson
Showed them their manners, the hallmark of civilization
For, what is a woman without a spark and a quick beat?
Who cannot be creative and think on her feet! 


More By  :  Karishma V.M

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