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I am Sannyas

by Asha Nigam
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I am an ancient Thought,
A thought in the Mind,
Mind itself nothing but just 
A bundle of thoughts.
I am Sannyas!

I have been visited by the
Highest and the Worst of all kinds. 
Only trying to find God by
Enthroning me in their Hearts. 
I am Sannyas!

I am different to different Ones. 
Depending on what each 
Heart may have taken me for. 
I am Sannyas!

Ancient Kings finally found
Solace giving up all what 
They possessed,
Getting lost making me their 
Only thought. 
I am Sannyas!

Some left all, reaching for
Forests and Mountain tops,
Along with their bundle of thoughts,
Rather leaving them behind at Start.                            
I am Sannyas!

Some added color to their 
Commitment in Clothes,
Feeling perhaps truth in their 
Colorful Thoughts. 
I am Sannyas!

Some stayed home doing
What was needed to be done. 
Only letting go the fruits
Of all they sought.
I am Sannyas!

Sannyas! A cherished Thought. 
One, in the mighty Bundle of
All your collected Thoughts,
Proud, though Unaware,
I am Sannyas!

Image © Asha Nigam 


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