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Racist Nature

Why are we so similar in diversity?

Sparrows, crows, kites'
Chirpy chirp, craws, and flies
Twin-tweet-twitter phonetics-
Similar acoustics across the planet
windward, windswept, it is.
Pigeons love to live
inside skyscrapers
making cozy nests.
Abandoned holes clutch.

Prefer as such, large dilapidated mansions.

Wake up, work, eat, and sleep
Pitch-dark nights, bright are the days.
Short spells at Poles. Summer, winter plays.
In the north, south, east, or west
Nature is a welcome guest.
She gifts' treating alike, never does
Ever discriminates whether one is short, tall
Or black, yellow, brown, and white!
Man, animal, birds, flowers, equally, provides.
Natural sustenance, bless
Countries, towns, villages,
Make prosperous.

Can anyone equate Nature?

No not members of parliaments
Elites, nor any high-class, weather experts-
Club vouchsafe stands.
On the other hands Ministers'-beggars-such-even while, evil-good behest.
Nature never hesitates, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes'
Around earth, steady brown trunks, grass is green.
Tree deep-rooted seen, do not trouble man.
Vegetations, desert, or grasslands Deciduous, coniferous, color many seasons, Temperate, Equatorial, Tropics Include Arctic-Antarctic Ice.
Caps it or none.
Spread over the globe Lines
Latitudes-Longitudes Navigators' delights compass of fortitudes.
World races crimson through biological vessels,
Similar elementals, win many races as sporty racist.
Diverse but similar basics, favored with good senses!


More By  :  Jayati Gupta

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