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Life, Will You Accompany Me?

Life, will you accompany me?
When I thought to put effort to comprehend you,
went very far, and failed again and again.
Your countenance hidden under veil, but seems, 
You throw smile; exhibiting only riddles,
Proceed to ask; will you accompany me!
Life, will you accompany me?
Sometimes, swing me in cradle dearly,
Sometimes, left me to rub with grief fearfully,
Sometimes, conferred comfort on no demand,
Sometimes, kept me lingering, yearning.
Hey! Complex riddle, will you be solved ever!
Life, will you accompany me?
What you reveal while giving pain,
Found only you medicine calming the brain.
How could you feel happy stumbling on your dear,
Who found you always very near?
Wish to make you best companion.
Life, will you accompany me?
The mind is helpless,
When became reckless.
In between, felt your hand moving on my head
Whispering slowly, ‘believe me’, ‘look ahead dear’,
I ever accompany you!
Life, will you accompany me?
You seem assuring in vague,
‘Keep faith’, ‘keep trust’, my support slides
In your joy and sorrow, 
Bruised, I stared her in doubt,
Really, do you accompany me?
Will you really support me?
Life smiled extending hands for me,
I involved in strengthening of yours.
Just preparing you by all means 
For all shades of life.
Took sigh of relief, again ask;
Life, will you accompany me?
Yes, life not so easy, 
But, string of hope you possess,
Soothing me, holding string of my life,
Assuring with alluring eyes
Life always accompanies you.
Life, will you accompany me? 


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More By  : Dr. Punam Pandey

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