Theme: Darkness

Eternal Darkness

The world, sages remind,
mostly infested with the blind,
like the oxen, folded blind,
moving in a circle, eternally grind…
Darkness, their light divine,
Light, they shun, their hearts shine…
If you want to be at peace,
crave a life full of joyous ease,
hail their darkness, enjoy their disease…
If, irresistibly, you become a teaser,
disgusted, your mind becomes a thinker,
your soul cannot enjoy its slumber,
your natural zeal pushes you as a tinkerer,
and you dare force-open their eyes—
Huge difference between light and dark,
Gaping gap between man and the savage,
Vast contrast between beauty and ugliness,
Unbridgeable gulf between love and hate,
Colossal chasm between hope and despair—
you will be sadistically stoned to death,
crucified, poisoned or riddled with bullets…
Maybe, a gust of wind centuries later
you might be crowned a Messiah,
a saviour, saint,  god or a Mahatma…
They might open their eyes for a while
to go back to their darkness with a smile…


More By  : Dr. O.P. Arora

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Yes it happened in worldly life because it is very difficult to recognize truth and act , it is as equal as to self realization when it happened than man is no man but infinite in existence any word or physical damage are meaningless

Dr Rajender singh
24-Jan-2023 00:14 AM

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