Theme: Comedy

The Sight Of Blood

When a man graduated from a medical school, he turned out to be a dud.
He keeps trying to be a surgeon even though he faints at the sight of blood.
He screams and faints in operating rooms even though it's a terrible way for a surgeon to behave.
As he looks in the mirror, he passes out every morning because he cuts himself when he shaves.
It was a waste of time when he graduated from medical school and became a surgeon.
He's been fired from 75 hospitals, they tell him to get out and to never come back again.
It's shocking that he graduated because he had the lowest score in his class.
Because he can't perform his duty, people drag him into alleys and kick his ass.
This man faints each and every time he makes an incision.
When he's hired, people quickly learn it was a bad decision.
He even faints when he sees people putting ketchup on their fries.
If you ask me if he should be a surgeon, it's something I won't advise.
He picked the wrong career and doesn't want to be blamed even though it's his fault.
Every time he's in an operating room, they have to break out the smelling salts.
His colleagues have called him weak because he faints when he loses his cool.
If you faint at the sight of blood, don't even think about attending medical school.


More By  :  Randy Johnson

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