Theme: Krishna


Krishna kidnapped—
his shouts echoed in the entire complex…
They all came running
sniffing a chance for excitement…
Krishna kidnapped?
Krishna kidnapped!
Oh, such bad times!
Real Kaliyuga!
The new Krishna!
Brought last year from Jaipur!
They all sighed…
I laughed.
Fire and contempt in their gaze
me, they would gobble up in their rage.
I laughed again.
Bathed in eternal darkness
robed in divine brashness
they jeered and asked:
Are you mad?
Every voice foul with abuses
rained invectives, showered curses.
Open your windows, I said.
Windows! What windows!
They looked around the temple
all the windows were open—
they booed and hissed, spouting venom…
Can Krishna be kidnapped?
the Cosmic Consciousness
the greatest warrior ever
the cleverest performer
the profoundest philosopher
can he be kidnapped, ever?
They all looked aghast…
One or two hands
patted my back, feebly
others looked dazed
mystified, left the scene, grudgingly… 


More By  : Dr. O.P. Arora

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