Theme: Leap

A Magnificent Leap

Waves rising
clouds thundering
pines, oaks, deodars
hissing, laughing
waving, mingling…
My spirits
soaring, touching the skies
leaping far beyond the skies
meandering through the galaxies
millions of them, magician’s balls…
As I look down
earth, a tiny speck, an invisible dot
its politics, pollution, manipulated economics
its volatile markets, greedy guardians
terrified people, degraded environment
noisy demons, scared angels—
where are all those, my obsessions?
Lost and forgotten, ridiculous passions…
Here I swim through the heavenly bliss
neither joy, nor sorrow
eternity rules, no yesterday, no morrow
hundreds of suns blazing the brightness
no trace of darkness
no I here, cause of all my anguish
me, merged with the eternal consciousness.
Everything a part of the whole
there is no hole
the universe, a big roll… 


More By  : Dr. O.P. Arora

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