Theme: Injustice


There is a man who is my doppelganger.
I'd never met him before, he was a stranger.
He murdered a woman and I was placed under arrest.
The police tried frantically to convince me to confess.
But I wouldn't confess because I was innocent of the crime.
I was found guilty and it looked like I would do hard time.
I was convicted because I was mistakenly identified by a witness. 
My doppelganger was eventually caught and he decided to confess.
The police apologized to me but the damage had already been done.
My wife decided to divorce me and she hates me and so does my son.
My wife and son want nothing else to do with me even though I'm an innocent man.
My wife and son decided to disown me and it's something that's hard to understand.
My arrest also got me fired and it put an end to a promising career.
My life has been ruined and as I think about it, it drives me to tears.
I was released from prison and I should be happy because I was freed.
But I'm miserable because I lost my family and when a man is pricked, he will bleed.


More By  :  Randy Johnson

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