Theme: Sick


I am sick,
I am very sick of you
You, the one who breaks me
With every harsh word you say.

You, the one who is so far away
Inaccessible, except through
Thunderous, tumultuous seas
That I, nevertheless, find myself
Trying to cross

I stand on a ship
Pretending that I can reach you
Experiencing nothing but suffering
Yet still trying, still waiting

I find myself thinking that
Perhaps if I sacrificed everything
You’d give me another chance
Or spare me more than just a glance

Sooner or later, this vessel will capsize
But I keep deluding myself with lies
Caught up in my visions of paradise
I continue to fantasise, to romanticise

Oh I am sick,
I am very sick indeed
Sick of wanting you when
You’ll never be the one I need.


More By  :  Rupashri Chatterjee

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