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Outer Space

Space explorations give us the sense of global stewardship
That we so desperately need-
While Space Race that began forty years ago
Became an unrivalled focus for global deed!
As part of the world's cultural heritage,
Space has inspired imaginations in many of us-
And the generations of poets, scientists
Followed by musicians agree, without any fuss!

Space technology improved lives by sparking creativity
In the fields of sciences and arts-
And helped to sustain our future on this planet
Via close monitoring and scientific charts!
Earth observation satellites keep up with the problems
Of global environmental change-
While forecasting earthquakes and the relief coverage
Also falls under this wide range!

Throughout history, societies have searched
For meaning of life in outer space and sky-
And admired space explorations to capture
The imaginations without fear or being shy!
Thus, the fascination has led the young people
To pursue careers in Technology of Space-
And it's helping the developing countries
To improve through their technological base!

Via Space Technology, the Internet spits out the
Information within twinkling of an eye-
And we can communicate with a friend on another continent
To share or sigh a deep sigh!
Victims of earthquakes, and other disasters
Can be now helped through satellite phones-
To determine the strategy of the relief workers,
And bring the victims to safety zones!

We are lucky to live in a millennium where
The improvement of lives is the priority one-
By driving the Space-age Technology to new frontiers
That the modern science has done!
Still I see that our greatest challenge is not over,
And we need to cross the final frontier-
Via bridging the divide between technology's
Haves and have nots who are shedding tear!

To promote literacy and rural education,
Space Technology is now playing vital roles-
By reaffirming common interests in the progress
Of Space explorations and black holes!
Astronauts have to be regarded as the "envoys of mankind"
And must not be harmed-
In the event of accident or emergency landing
On a foreign territory that may be armed!

The campaign about outer space underlines the benefits
For peace province of mankind-
And provides the valuable impetus to push us further
By putting superpowers in a bind!
I am here today as a cheerleader of the campaign
To encourage exploration in outer space-
And appreciate United Nations to ensure rational approach
For betterment of human race!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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