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Why am I a Poet?

When my heart is in anguish, I lift the pen
And search for words to express my pain
For words do work and act like a balm
They give me peace and bring me some calm

When red, anger red, red hot of crimsons
Rainbows of red blood flow through my veins
Words then I choose to the tune of being precise
Clouds scatter away, and my feelings arise

What cause is this, that we all humans fight?
With swords of words and phrases of plight?
For honor, or power, or gold or love?
Reasons not known why dark is a dove?

Oh! Men of this world, oh! Gentle of hearts,
Can't you see that futile are the wars?
For every life that's lost in vain,
Isn't that a soul in eternal pain?

Come let us knit a net of unity
Fill the void and discard the vanity
Choose the words like I, the poet
And sing a chorus or if you wish, a duet.



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More By  : Dr. Satish Bendigiri

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