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You jumped into my dark eyes, shutting my eyelids in a thud,
Did my cornea tear? No, it turned into a red rose bud.

The photo receptors in my eyes clicked, I saw your cute picture,
I felt it resembled the Greek God, Adonis, a love sculpture.

Cupid set the plot in motion, hit me with his bows, arrows.
I was struck with love's devotion, head over heels, heart red rose.

And then I saw you swim across the intricacies of my veins trim,
Finding a way, towards my heart in that red bloodstream.

I made sure you don't get lost in the stream of those arteries,
For arteries carry blood away from heart, I learnt from faculties.

The days were then violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red,
Why did Vibgyor lack silver, gold, crimson, olive shade?

I was your pillion rider, we were kinda wanderlust,
Soaked we in rain and drove covered in a heap of dust.

I met you near oak, banyan, our fav under laburnum yellow,
And slowly one day you murmured "sweety, will you be my bedfellow?"

Strange bedfellows will be we as my skin was a shade darker,
No cream, no tube, no mask, facewash made me any fairer.

Torso, trunk, physique of mine, dark and absence of Ozark,
I doubted I could heat you up and light some flare of spark.

"No" I said, "look my skin is a shade darker than dusky".
"Wasn't Draupadi shade darker?" said your voice in tone husky.

"She had five fellows", I said, "I will marry only one"
“That will only be me" you said, "come now don't act like a nun"

The silver moon's gentle glow beamed on the beach and rock,
Your shadow spread over me, you found your way down my frock.

A thunderbolt crossed through me, the spasms were seismic,
A burning volcano erupted down that made me much so ecstatic.

The swing ball hit me again and again into my honey hive,
Airplanes whizzed past my ears and Milky Way did jive.

Fireflies danced crisscross and touched my belly button,
This newfound ecstasy I did consume much like a hungry glutton.

"O my Rajni, O my Nisha", said you, "O my dark chocolate",
Said you, "my hugs and arms are meant only for you to melt".

Days went by and you were unseen, vanished you in thin air,
Searched for you I here and there, I found you nowhere.

Let me find out what's the matter, number your then dialed I,
"Person you are calling is out of reach", came reply.

A year passed and then I heard you flew to land of Washington,
Then I heard you went for Green Card, you wished to be an American.

Shocker came when understood I married you a Caucasian,
A certain lady the name of who was Jessika Ryan Johnson.

Being Hindustani you did insult natural Hindu's tan,
They take sunbath on the beaches to achieve such brown tan.

Did I cry? Did I weep? No way could I shed tears,
Learnt a lesson, every metal isn't gold that shines, glitters.

Mod Draupadi had fallen for charms of Neo-Duryodhan,
Irony is this one Kaurav still could disrobe, unbutton.

Robbed of my womanhood, I had stained my pedigree,
No Krishna could come for rescue, this Kaurav went scot-free.

Agreed I was also one of the partners in this crime and sin,
But why one did get noose and the other did play mandolin?

I made sure you get drowned in the stream of my arteries,
For arteries carry blood away from heart, I learnt from faculties. 


More By  : Dr. Satish Bendigiri

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