Theme: Prayer


When a nebulous rock
gets chiseled and shaped
the formless appears lively
in a sculpted form

The master sculptor 
removes all obscurities;
the undefined gets defined
indistinct becomes distinct


O Master, with thy grace chisel away
the darkness of my inane attachments
and let me experience the radiance
of my true intrinsic form


More By  :  Rajender Krishan

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Very deep spirituality , put forth in such a simple way !
He - who has sculpted the the Universe - His slight stoke , in a friction , can steer clear all the our path of Realisation ; which we may or may not , in several life spans.
Picturesque imagery !
Deep philosophy !
Pithy poetry !
Many many congratulations to Raj ji ,for such a wonderful creation .

Neera Pradhan
29-Jun-2023 11:13 AM

Comment Excellent poem sir.Man reflects glory of his Master.So, the last two lines may read;
Let me experience thy glory
reflecting gift so fondly given!
This poem is a multilayered one,sir.Looking for many more gems fro your quill,please.Regards.

Sony Dalia
21-Jun-2023 12:15 PM

Comment The Sculptor in the poem is none other than the Almighty, a master sculptor who molds and perfects the speaker's being, drawing a parallel between both.
In the first few lines, a vague rock is described as being chiseled and molded, changing from being formless to having a vibrant and distinct carved form. This motif represents the speaker's existence being transformed and refined under the direction of the heavenly sculptor.
The master sculptor is pictured as someone who gives clarity and clears out confusion. Through this process, the indefinite becomes definite, and the distinct becomes indefinite. This represents the sculptor's capacity to reveal the subject's inherent potential and essence, allowing it to manifest in its entire and authentic form.
In the second section of the poem, the master is addressed with the humbling pronoun "O Master," which conveys respect and a request for direction. The speaker begs the master to remove the murk from their relationships, which are viewed as meaningless or silly. The speaker expresses a desire for spiritual enlightenment and self-realization by expressing a wish to feel the brilliance of their genuine inherent nature by letting go of these attachments.
The poem highlights the transforming potential of divine intervention by investigating the symbolic link between a sculptor and God. To get a deeper insight into one's actual nature, it emphasizes the necessity of letting go of worldly attachments and allowing the master to mold and purify one's self.
I would like to end with :
O Master divine with grace so pure,
Chisel away my attachments obscure
Let darkness fade, as your brill shines
Reveal my true form, in sacred designs.

Satish Bendigiri
20-Jun-2023 06:35 AM

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