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Irked by constantly changing desires,
worried about the cycles of birth and death,
seeking emancipation, the seeker meditates 
and connects with the one within.

The mystic within, content and carefree
harmonious with everything, seeks nothing.
The meditative discourse ends
with a sagacious realization:

The stillness in perpetual motion is but 
an enactment of Life’s cyclic creativity
while the curtains merely rise and fall
to amuse the Witness. 


More By  :  Rajender Krishan

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Beautiful and insightful piece. It resonates with the essence of finding inner peace and contentment amidst the ever-changing desires and uncertainties of life. The idea of connecting with the mystic within and embracing a harmonious state of being is truly powerful. It reminds us that true liberation lies not in seeking external fulfillment but in discovering the stillness within ourselves. The concept of life's cyclic creativity and the metaphor of the rising and falling curtains add depth to the understanding that everything is part of a grand play, with the Witness observing it all with amusement. Your words inspire a sense of tranquillity and remind us to appreciate the beauty in life's perpetual motion. This gives a fillip in uplifting the perspective.

Satish Bendigiri
28-Jun-2023 03:51 AM

Comment Very spiritual and essence of Vedanta!

V Ramabrahmam
27-Jun-2023 21:56 PM

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