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Burt Young

He starred in many movies because he was talented.


Millions of people are sad because Burt Young is dead. 


He starred in all six Rocky movies as Paulie.

His life has come to an end at the age of 83.


In addition to being an actor, he was a marine as well.


When it came to being an actor, Burt Young didn't fail.


He starred in "Back To School" and "Blood Red".

He starred in "Betsy's Wedding" and "Club Fed".

He starred in "Carnival of Blood" and "Born To Win".


He starred in "Blue Moon" and "Last Exit To Brooklyn".


In 1994, he starred as Mo Weinberg when he starred in "Columbo".


Burt Young died and people are sad because it was his time to go.


[Dedicated to Burt Young (1940-2023) who died on October 8, 2023]


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