Theme: Man

Man Unbounded

Man unbounded
Was always there
would always be there
even when I am not there…
I would be there
in the sad notes of the nightingale
sweet songs of the skylark too
in the fearful roar of the lion
terror-stricken eyes of the stag too
in the menacing sky-high waves of the sea
downcast, defeated retreat of the soldiers too
in the fascinating, fragrant roses
sharp, piercing thorns too…
No boundaries, no barriers, no borders
the entire universe is my dwelling place
I am the Polar bear in the Arctic
Penguin in the Antarctica, glacier in the Iceland too.
All languages are mine, races too
I embrace the white, black too.
Jesus and Gandhi, Mandela and King
from all of them I get my zing…

I am in everyone, in you too
in the twinkle of the stars, Milky Way too.
We all bathe in the Cosmic Energy
poor or the rich, devil or the clergy.
Nature, bountiful, blesses with both hands, eternally
only man, ungrateful, devours and belches poison, perennially.
Shortsighted, we may not see into things
ignorant, we may not realize its magnificence
arrogant, we may not comprehend its munificence
prejudiced, we may not see the whole
preconceived, we may only bite into the hole.
If you expand, your soul lives in eternal bliss
if you shrink, your heart starves for a kiss.


More By  : Dr. O.P. Arora

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