Theme: Mythology

Gods and Mortals in Dwarka

In the dead of night

The sea water rose, a giant moving tower

Roaring at speed, lashing the city

Soon everything in its path was submerged.

By morning the water had receded

Leaving a flotilla of tunics, armour and helmets

Swords, tridents, shields, arrows and spears;

The bugles and horns alongside it

Rusting and silent, remnants of a battle

Whose clarion call was heard

In every corner of the land.


Gods once walked here, with mortals

In the role of mentors and counsellors;

They would prod and probe, guide and steer

Keeping grown men on the righteous path

Dedicated to duty and a code of honour

Mind free of clutter and emotional misgivings

Brothers fighting brothers, no quarter given

Till they saw the light 

And the road to enlightenment beckoned.


But the gods would mock and tease

Would connive, do mischief and perform tricks

Changing shape, becoming invisible

Sometimes appearing in several places at once

Often standing side by side with the finest warriors

As the hour of reckoning arrived,

And all lay exhausted, the projectiles stopped raining down;

The sun’s evening shadow creeping across them

Wrapping the land in darkness.


Millenniums pass.

Sages and seers gather by the sea bank

On the anniversary of the tidal wave

To watch the city being reborn.

Under a moonlit sky the distant stars twinkle

As a mark of homage.

The sun will rise again

The battle must commence

The final act, the ultimate denouement

Will be enacted and played out

In the city of Dwarka;

It really did happen here. 


More By  :  Kewal Paigankar

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