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Salute To Freedom

Over the centuries, the glittering mountain of Himalayas
Sings in silence and has been saying it all-
From the northern part of India, where she guards
Our Motherland, and stands pretty tall!
The trekkers, invaders, and peacekeepers have flocked
Around her with various reasons-
Like the solemn natural serenity, followed by the thrills
Of wars and expeditions throughout all seasons!

Speech, press, and religion in our Motherland are not at all bound-
By any limits, rather they do echo a special and unique sound!
We, the Indians, are proud of our history,
But not defined by the ancestry of our bloodline-
Rather as a Nation, committed to "peace with democracy",
Is the beacon of hope, mahatma, and sunshine!
Diversity and secularism are our national mantra,
And public unity is the underlying glue-
To mesmerize the world through the joy of freedom
And harmony without a clue!
Our heritage, architecture, and warm hospitality
Are well reflected in century-old Indian art-
And we share them with the globe, along with innovative
Technologies through our peoples, so polite in heart!

Well, unity and diversity stand "shoulder to shoulder"
To rejuvenate our own Motherland-
Like partners in the pursuit of peace and prosperity,
They walk hand in hand!
Her vigor can be always felt from the gorgeous mountain
Of Himalayas to the shining sea-
So this joyous heart now opens up to convey my salute
To freedom and says: "India: I love Thee"!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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