Theme: Cruelty

Danish Brave Hearts

Danish Brave Hearts.jpg
A relative has sent through e-mail
photographs of a sport in Denmark
wherein dolphins are killed by young men
to prove that they are men,
while thousands watch.

The sea periphery becomes red
with the blood of the dolphins killed.
The dolphins are hit thrice and slit.
The hapless creatures die in their own blood.
Before they die, they cry like human babies.

Danish brave hearts!
What braveness is it
killing your own children,
for have you not heard,
in intelligence
dolphins are nearest to humans?

World watchers of human rights,
will you not do something
to stop a human wrong like this?

Political satraps,
cruelty like these you cannot stop,
because you need to win votes
of cruel men too,
to sit in the seat of power!

"If majority murders minority, so be it!"
is the trap of democracy
one cannot do without,
you think, huh!


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Dear name undisclosed, rest assured, I am ashamed about them too. One wrong does not justify another wrong, right?

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
26-May-2013 14:36 PM

Comment Clearly written by a dolphin with near human intelligence. Amazing to see how much people care about the lives of animals while near them their fellow man dies in the streets.

A non dolphin
25-May-2013 18:16 PM

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