Theme: Art

Joy of Art

In the heart where silence whispers tales untold

Brushstrokes dance on canvas, stories unfold

Not for fame or fortune's fleeting gaze,

But for the soul's pure joy, art finds its maze


Colours galore, emotions flow and soar,

In every stroke, a longing to explore

No eyes but mine to witness beauty's grace

In art for its own sake, a sacred space


With every line, a melody takes flight,

A symphony of hues, a gentle light

Not seeking praise or laurels to adorn

But in creation's dance a heart is born


For art's true essence lies in its embrace

A journey of the spirit, in time and space

In every stroke, a whispered ode to fate

Isn't art for its own sake, eternally great?


Image © Arup Ganguly 


More By  :  Arup Ganguly

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