Theme: Ageing

Is My Sun Setting?


In the twilight's hush, I ponder and fret,
As shadows lengthen, and doubts beset.
Is my sun setting, am I losing my way,
In the fading light of each passing day?
Once vibrant hues now dim and faint,
As time slips by, without restraint.
Amidst the whispers of doubt and strife,
I question the essence of this fleeting life.
Yet in the dusk, a glimmer of hope,
A chance to rise, to grasp and cope.
For in every sunset, a promise does lie,
Of new beginnings beneath the evening sky.
So fear not the wane of the fading light,
For within you burns a radiant might.
Embrace the dusk with courage anew,
And watch as your sun rises, bright and true.


Image © Arup Ganguly


More By  :  Arup Ganguly

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27-Apr-2024 19:45 PM

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