Theme: Attraction

First Meeting

I’ve painted you in my mind

A million times

I saw you again last week and all 

I can think of are 

Those eyes that I want to stare into 

For the rest of eternity, or maybe just a short while

And your quiet voice, and your soft smile

Maybe you know it all now

That I really loved you 

From the start

But in some senses, I know that it was 

All a fantasy

The romanticisation of certain parts

The repression of your flaws

But I really don’t want to do that anymore

I don’t want to you to hide your true self from me

And silently resent me, and be upset at me

I guess I already hurt you, and I don’t want to hurt you any longer

Now that we’re meeting, I’ll try

To chuck away this fantasy, to learn to 

Know and love the real you 

We probably aren’t quite meant to be 

But I know, despite the misery,

That from the start I wanted to bring you happiness

And put a smile on your face

And support you when you are down

From the start I 

Wanted to understand you, the real you 

Not the image of you I have in my mind

I’ll let the fantasy and the reality collide

And pray that there’s something left

And that you really care,

Even if it’s just as a friend


More By  :  Rupashri Chatterjee

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