Theme: Forgetting


When the path that I traverse

Isn’t shaped like your name

When my mind learns 

To forget your face

And my eyes cease

To search every room 

For any trace, any sign,

Any remnant of you

That’s when I’ll be free

And (I hope) happy

You wouldn’t hate me if I left, right?

Maybe you’d be a little hurt…

But if you knew how bad it was,

You’d probably run too.

And you’ll forget me, soon enough…


I’m tired of seeing you in every thought

And action that I do

I’d rather return to my realm of fantasy 

And let you fade to a faint memory 

Let my feelings for you dissolve 

Like a dream upon waking

I’d rather start afresh,

And put this poem aside 

Because I don’t want to write for you, anymore -

I want to write for me.


More By  :  Rupashri Chatterjee

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