Theme: Love


What would I have to become 

For you to love me?

That pretty girl dressed in black, perhaps 

I remember the moment you called her beautiful

Fumbling, and awkward, but clear

I guess it's been a year 

Since I met that boy whose blue eyes

Sparkled with warmth and ambition 

He spoke the language of history 

So eloquently, that won me over pretty quickly 

Maybe if I was a cat, I could crawl into your arms

Without any hesitation on your part

All I’d need to do is walk your way

And then I'd be adored 

A book perhaps - because then 

You'd finally reach your hands out to me

Because then I'd be as interesting, exciting

As stimulating and fascinating 

As those paintings that you love

Of ships and sunsets and the sea-

If only I could become those images

You'd want to lose yourself in me

But it's at that point that I realise

That I’d have to transform into

Everything I could never be 

Just to feel welcomed in your arms

And I'm left to wonder about 

What kind of girl I have really become,

So desperate, I'd erase my whole identity 

If it meant that you'd finally love me


More By  :  Rupashri Chatterjee

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