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The Sea Widow Part 3 - Jack's Story

Jack wasn’t given to reconciliation.

Upon his return he was morose

Avoiding the gaze of the sea widow

Eating his meals

Reading the paper in silence.


One morning at breakfast

He opened up, clearing his throat,

“It was the sea, the azure sea

Its swell and its surges,

Its rage, its cathartic anger

At night it would roar,

Restless and in pain;

At daybreak, it would be calm,

Stable and temperate,

Even bursting into a rhapsody.

It lasted forever 

The tempestuous nights

The calm during sunlight hours

The shifting moods unbroken,

Causing the seasons to reverse 

From winter to autumn.

There was no land

Only the capricious blue sea

Drenching and lashing us

Till its anger was sated”


“On land I am a relic, a ghost

Frigid of heart and cold of touch.

I am wedded to the sea,

Its disembodied calling, its lure of danger,

You knew that during our courtship”.


A woman’s love fighting the devil’s grip;

It’s the sea, the azure sea.                                                         


More By  :  Kewal Paigankar

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