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Raison d'Etre in Hillolsphere

About three billion years ago, a tiny cosmic serpent
Appeared on the surface of the Earth-
And plunged into the ardent sea,
Full of vaporous sulphur erupting from a flaming hearth!
Suddenly the hidden molecules in uncertain depths
Became alert and ready to endure-
The formation into chains, groups, cells,
And unaccountable organisms just to be sure!
A burst of life inundated the abysmal oceans
To fill the globe with self-replicating mold-
And continued till gaseous atmosphere covered Earth
With radiance and shelter to hold!
More than 100 million species of plants and large animals
Came to pass along the way-
While wave after wave of noisy creatures
Commingled quickly to make the Earth sway!
Soon our planet became filled with the grunts,
Howls and cries of horrid terrible voice-
Followed by the noise of plants, birds and insects
To defray the Earth without a choice!
Incessant fighting of all sorts of animals
Into forests and bushes filled the resplendent air-
Until men came by to add their speeches
With battle clamors, and collect the lion's share!
Early dawn of civilization witnessed daily
The brutal instincts of the man-animal battle,
And it lasted for millenniums, in various form,
To provoke the Global Head's to rattle!

With its intellect, man began to imitate voice of birds
Along with rattle of trees in a hurry-
And discovered the sense of music,
Followed by cuisines to tingle taste buds with a curry!
With progress of time, we've mastered various arts
And science better than our forefather-
And covered the huge Earth with waves of our knowledge
From one extreme to the other!
We carry the same strings of DNA
That came down from the past mysterious beasts to us-
So in our dreams and fantasies, we evoke our forefather
And totem animal without a fuss!
But they still live in the depth of our cells
And music confirms that we're relatives of bird,
Thus we continue to carry ancient longings,
In spite of scientific progress to get inspired!

We have come a long way from the bottomless seas,
The dark forests, and incredible pain-
Still we feel trapped in our DNA cosmic serpent
And tiptoe in our sweet memory lane!
Sometimes we think that we are all those millions
Of past fiery beasts glued together-
And music mimicked from birds makes us feel
As their close relatives of same feather!
Amazonian Indians/Australian aborigines
Still venerate cosmic serpent that brought us-
From the skies in dreamtimes over three billion years ago
To form heterogeneous nucleus!
They still honor their animals and plant relatives,
And extract wisdom of life from them-
But we have somehow forgotten our wondrous past
That used to be a true sparkling gem!

Science has rediscovered from whence our life comes from,
On soil or the sandy loam-
And made it clear about DNA molecules to confirm
That we all belong to a same genome!
We are still tormented from the fantastic world
That we carelessly left behind-
And carry in us the fury of beastly past
That boggles our own intrinsic mind!
It makes us stumble and fills our brains
With crazy outbursts of destruction and rage-
While we move on for peace and harmony
Of celestial rhythm, found on history page!
We created music, along with the wisdom of kindness
And brotherly love to bind us all-
And we have learnt to crave for light,
With technology to stay in touch at beck and call!

In spite of progress made so far, my mind
Still trots in 'Hillolsphere' every now and then-
And asks like the old peoples who used to wonder
About all the reasons for being insane!
Was it as well the same as that of all those millions
Of extinct species of the past?
Who were submerged into deep seas,
Or covered by debris to stop squalor at last!
Was it only the capricious whims of Gods
Who roamed around the planet at least?
Or was man's cry so futile and senseless
As that of the powerful young ugly beast?
Answers are still unknown and we are condemned
To such questions again and again-
And to move forward in search of light and good
For the humanity to reduce the pain!

In "Hillolsphere", my mind can see well
That man can somehow fabricate his own doom-
And choose from a cannibalistic past to weave
Ridiculous design like in a weaver's loom!
Certainly we can pose the sublime reason of man's destiny
About where we go from here-
And venerate us to honor the old creative serpent
From the deep dark cosmos with a stare!


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