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Ramblings of a Mum

My little boy, my young man
has injured his leg.
The wound is fresh, the stitches are new
He's in pain, a lot of pain
As he cringes and squirms
I wish some magic or miracle occurred
That passed on all his pain to me
And free my sweet one
Of all that he is feeling and suffering

But then (on second thoughts)
May be not...

I don't think I want a magic wand
As this is his chance to know
That life is also made up of things
That we cant control
That sometimes things do happen
Things that we don't want or like
Things that cause us pain

This is the time when he can learn
To bear and accept
Such things of life and still look
Beyond the pain and wound to smile about.

Amidst all the pain,
he has had so many reasons to smile about.
His friends, who he never thought
Cared so much about him until now –
When they ride every morning to be by his side
Who bring along their most precious games
His most favorite chocolates
To cheer him up and to make him smile

When they told him to wait
While they go and buy him a 'get well' card
And when they couldn't find one
Made up their own by borrowing his pen.

And then he can smile
About the magic touch of his mum's hands
That he never knew about
Until now
The touch that shoo-es away
All his pain, well almost all
Magically, even if for a little while.

So, here I am
Sitting by his side watching him
Cringe and squirm in pain
And then smiling at my own magical touch
Which I didn't know I had.

Do I still need a magic wand!


More By  :  Meenakshi Madhur

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