Theme: Heartache

Preventing A Broken Heart

Please do not come near me,
Or try to playfully hold my hand
Only to display your infatuation,
Mistaking it for true love !
If at the end of it all, you are only
going to break my heart !

It would have been better still,
We had not met at all ;
Remaining strangers as before,
And our paths had never crossed !
So please don't torment me any more,
Please do not try to kiss and go,
If at the end of it all,
You are going to leave a broken heart !

For my heart is fragile like the mirror,
With passions and feelings of my own,
But it reflects all that is true,
A true love it can never disown !
But should some day it cracks its face,
Though a mirror gets easily replaced ;
What will I do with a broken heart ?!

So it is better for us to stay away,
And become like strangers from the start !
For the mirror cannot stitch its face,
Nor can my broken heart !


More By  :  Raj Nandy

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