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Province of Women

Source of all intangible inspirations varies in our lives,
Depending on the time, age, and mood
Irrespective of who we are, man or woman,
And such persuasion may remain valid even for good !
History of modern civilization tells us tales of battles
Of both genders in a real exciting way
At times, they are heart warming; and sometimes,
The affection buried by inspiration tends to sway !

In our traditional societies, men have been power mongers
While women kept the silent voice
But the primitive people were governed by the matriarchs
And offered the men a little choice !
Restrictive power of men erupted at the beginning
Of agricultural era and women were put behind the fence
To satisfy the pleasures of male domination and greed
That tantalized the men and made the situations tense!

With an advent of civilization in third millennium,
I can contemplate an own province of the women on Earth
Because of women's freedoms and liberation movements
That have given our thoughts the brand new birth!
The need of women power is growing, and now prominently seen
In the arenas of modern political game
And they are coming forward for sharing powers with men,
In an effort to achieve notoriety and fame!

Magic played by the women brings smiles and compassion
In the 'frozen hearts' of men
While wiping their tears and comforting the troubles,
Even when both are sitting around the den !
So the attitude of servitude or domination of women is improper,
And needs to change now
The sooner the better, at the start of the third millennium,
Let's give it a try and take the vow !

Sweetest dreams of mine today softly whisper in my ears
And tell me all about the new millennium dawn -
When the women will govern to carry the men
Through enlightened path and use them as their only pawn !
But do remember, liberation of women is the liberation of men
Via removal of 'fences' of the past
So let us today explore such options of empowering women
In their province in next millennium at last !!!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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