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Red to Stop and Green to Go

Who are they, who are ruling
They are adults for us bulling.
Named in past and in present
prophet Leader and or regent.
Red to stop and green to go
Hardly they all seem to follow.
Rules needed to make 'em civil
But talking walking they act evil.

Money and country as a whole
Being spent for leaders goal.
Uncivilized and very very lazy
Time and again they act crazy.

Funds, efforts spent in vain
All way down in to the drain.
City country huge expenses
Still adults are lack of senses.

Leaders cause us always suffer
Hold power and remain tougher.
Pain problems battles and war
They commit all, as zar-kaiser.

Kids hardly kill, possess fear
Anger of leaders top of gear.
Their heads are hard vision low
Crime and war where they go.

Smoky mouth use as blower
Hurt our lungs and the power.
Blowing horn, a buddy to call
Nuisance go on spring to fall.

Take it easy hi you, big guys
Act humane to become size.
Germs bacteria widely spreading
No caution in sneezing coughing.

Kids are gentle loyal and meek
Adults always aggressive sick.
Kids are cool, need only school
Don't want country to reign rule.

You teach kids to make bombs
How to suicide finish in tombs!
Rifle cocking bayonet charging
Stop recruiting utmost urging!

Innocent minds delicate, tender
Boys and girls in either gender.
Little world to read and learn
Leaders terrorize send to burn!


More By  :  Chan Mongol

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