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Taking A Walk Through The Night

Tonight I am walking,
To a place which no one knows.
I go to this place to be alone,
To think about stories untold.
As I am walking,
I see a young man.
I ask him "How are you?"
He replies "I am fine, just on my way home."
I stopped to think about my home,
About what happened a long time ago.
I was suddenly filled with sadness,
For what I saw could not have been,
My mother and father died when I was ten.
I knew this was not true,
My parents were home with the flue.
I thought this was a vision,
Of what was to come.
That this was the fate,
For my daughter and son.
I woke up from this vision,
With my whole body trembling.
I was so scared,
That this vision would come to be.
No longer fantasy,
But a true reality.
I rose to my feet,
To continue my journey through the night.
After a while time seemed to stand still,
No one was around.
I was alone on this hill,
Not a soul to be found.
I knew where I was,
A place of the unknown.
A world in which I created,
My home away from home.
As I looked around,
Everything had changed.
From the world I used to know,
Into something beyond my belief.
There was thunder clashing,
And lightning striking.
A world filled with hate and misery,
Feeling from deep inside me.
This is the world I created to be,
That I had made my destiny.
Untold stories of my life,
Raging within this place.
Never to be let out for the world to see,
Why this fear is boiling inside of me.
One day this place will change,
This day will be.
When I will face my fears,
And control my destiny once again.


More By  :  Andrew Roles

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