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Dawn of Poetry

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Like the nascent smile on the lips of a baby bud,
The scissoring sun rays through the wintry mist
Like the first vapors of rain on a parched ground
Mind wandered with each flutter of butterfly’s wings

I imagined poetry a great matrix of mother-board words
Meaning meandering into them through chip’s romantic responses,
With the super charged sub-psychic images and experiences
Forging into an indecipherable programme of sorts
To flash sparks of thrill for every idea understood.

I roamed on the corridors of libraries,
Quarantined in the cubicles therein figuring out
From the moth eaten, brittle, tanned sheets
To the latest glazy silken journalistic extravaganza
To catch a glimpse of it, and put my name aside.
I integrated philosophies with persona,
Dissected histories and heritage,
Compared and contrasted images old and new
Presented several theses on the art and craft of poetry.
Still, the soul of poetry
eluded slipping through my hands and staying beyond my grasp.

Like the ageing tree in my fore yard
I stood in reverie for ages
Failing to read its SMS every season.

On one fine spring morning it dawned upon me
Poetry is not synthesizing of words, expressions
Figures of speech or exotic ideas, or experimentation

Poetry is just the opposite,
Shredding yourself to pieces, to disintegrate
Unlearn, going through real raw life

Then it sure springs on you at the right moment
Like the sudden spurge crescent offshoots
At the first sign of Spring on an autumn-tonsured tree
Till then you should wait, recycling yourself with time


More By  :  N. S. Murty

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