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Religion of Terror

The religion that taught us
– harmony in hearts and itself within the family,
– neighborhoods community of various races
– how to maintain the law of a nation quite homely.

Religion is a self-consciousness to practice
and take with respect all rituals of saintology to follow
without the resistance to tolerate, respect non-violently;
It makes the real society which will be never a hollow.

The Master Piece books
– may require a change to the mutated society !
– may require to fill colors in the new ones !!
– may not deter instructions and suppression any more.

Religion is protection, shelter and cover
– to poverty, sick, helpless and unlamented people;
– the free thoughts of Women to lead the house of happiness
– the real Men to protect the juvenile Feminine purple.

Rituals on Sacrifice, slaughtering, or any such killings
– halal or jihad to any one,
– self suicides created a terror in humane;
– prayer is cleaning of passionate feelings, offered always alone.

Any Master Book never says
– kill this animal, even it harm you;
– kill your enemy he caused an aggression;
– terror the society to follow you.

There is no peace of mind if ;
– the voice of justice of women is not heard !
– if they remain aloof representing the society !!
– if they are not brought up intellectually, educated and geared !!!

New generation wish to live in science surroundings
– where all the foods are processed
– where all houses are modern
– where all they would like to wear fascinating.

Name me ? Who has seen the God
– except they told us they are messengers
– they were human what have left to us like to day;
– do not live a life of jungle of past with wild rangers.

To avoid the all these troubles
– follow your national laws !
– practice the prayer in house and in your own temple !
– do not create the society in violent claws.

Today nations are together let them be
– Islamic, Christian, or any race just must be democracy;
– truthful, transparent, intellectual and cohesive regulation
– women on priority and there should not be such out cry.

Next span will be high technical to live
– it never works with religion as too old to reform;
– new generation by old-master to guide is out as changes too fast,
– it has difficulty to learn IT's requires time stand.

All sciences came to final lap;
– Biosciences shown the hearts and brain's petals;
– Chemistry lent you all elements;
– Physics offered you true colors of metals.

The life is now too scientific not religious
– causing up the fear of hardliner ignorant;
– causing up frustration in achieving the goal
– causing up doubt, whether you are real parents ?

The life looks mesh or very clear
– a man confused, ignorant, failed ,foiled and fool,
– live a life from childhood to old age without a taste,
– other side where every thing were true and very cool.

You are not dead if die in peace
– but simple brainwaves defused in aging nerves,
– but body transfers to its elementary states,
– and produces short lived materials of germs.

The fruits of mind are
– truth, morals, intelligence, mercy, kindness,

The thorns of mind are;
– false prorogated maneuver communal racemes.

As we cannot live without
– the air, water, which nature provided !
– shelter, foods and wears man created !!
– the gesture, goodwill internationally undivided.

Here to be true a colorful, modern and educated generation
– it must be compulsory to all, without the rift
– girls to be protected by all means of justice, voices and upheaval
– a house of true honest society of heavenly gift.

Open the music, philosophy, dance and literature
– women, are worshipped let them bloom and bliss to sing
– children with true knowledge of schooling from all the country's races
– allow them to live in their own customary and ring.

God never ask to offer the life in form
– die for Religion, God or Allah ?
– create any such terror to community or society,
– a wrong or misguided educational Madarssa?

If there is war on terrorism note the crime
– religion conversion in temple, masque or church with sword,
– A cover to kidnappers, smugglers, terrorists or drug-dealers
– killers or the laws offenders of any nations in World.

In such places psychological handling are too fragile,
Generation gap in the poor population of East Asia,
The slipping time in modern world is fast…
All this became an new era of dominance criteria.

War to war is no option
– Some killed your dozen Citizen with penance!
– You bombarded the entire the country!!
– everything have vanished of existence.

In such an educated World, has War still a place?
Knowingly nuclear arsenals are too disastrous slay?
Nature already is not happy with us, would like to strike any time…
Our wicked mind will lead to kill ourselves one day.

Poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, are the real root of causes,
Remove these first these are the terrors for mankind,
You cannot turn away any more as these will effect you,
Create the colors, If you want on World map to blow with wind.

An Ant can kill Elephant !
A single man can create enough; have seen,
There is need to heal and cure the conflicts between heart and mind,
What ever has happened just to be forgiven.

If nature is not respected then…
A wind will blow the tornado bitter,
A lightening will cry in its thunder..
Earthquakes will shatter the matters


More By  :  Jaishankar S. Dubey

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