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Shackles of Poverty In Retrospect

Sustainable development is not only a necessity,
But also an opportunity for all of us-
To place our global societies and economies
On a durable footing, without any fuss!
Millions on Earth are facing the gnawing pain
Of hunger and reaching the heaven's door-
Followed by the diseases, caused by malnutrition,
And the numbers are escalating more!

Since ancient dawn, poverty and hunger
Are Siamese twins, and they walk hand in hand-
To maintain devastating cycle of dehumanizing
Conditions from mountain to desert sand!
So the civil society now needs to show
That they are ready with partnerships for a change-
Rather than staying aloof via the politics
Of confrontation and accusation at a close range!

The sad impact of 911 renders people
More vulnerable to deeper poverty than before-
And will continue to reverberate around the world,
While we recoup from our heart sore!
World economy is expected to slow down
And more people will live in poverty next year-
Due to falling prices, politics, lower investments,
And the loss of tourisms brings the fear!

At the moment, large parts of the world's population
Are off the global market for sure-
And are badly crippled by hunger, disease,
Isolation, ignorance, and as such they endure!
Their existence is thwarted by violence
Or degradation of environment in which they live-
But such conditions are curable through
Surplus foods, and if donors are willing to give!

With information technology, the isolation
Of remote communities can be broken down-
Via investments, from phones to Internet
And allowing them to talk with people in town!
Global perspectives of today should break through
The barriers of indifference tomorrow-
And eliminate the narrow interest, with an urge
For policy to diminish the hapless sorrow!

Poverty is an affront to our common humanity
And kills hope for a better society for all-
So in our web-bound interdependent world today,
This is a concern, big as well as small!
However, the undercurrents cynicisms
Are still visible about the goals set are rarely met-
While negative impacts of globalization
Are surfacing up with dissenting views and hate!

Polarization of our societies along ethnicity,
Race or class has to be a thing of the past-
If we intend to tackle the social problems globally,
To win poverty and violence at last!
The rich countries have an indispensable role
To play by offering the development aid-
To eradicate the squalors of poverty
And suppress their hungers before they go to bed!

Undoubtedly, poverty is the greatest single challenge
Confronting humanity on the Earth-
But through decisive actions by all of us,
We can reduce visible flame of hunger's hearth!
No challenge is more pressing and diverse,
No goal is more urgent, that we may feel-
Than freeing humanity from the shackles
Of poverty that may always send the chill!

Population is growing, and poverty is gaining ground
In places, with exceptions of a few-
Followed by unemployment, social exclusions
And those are so apparent for global view!
Inequalities are quietly spreading both within
And between countries at an alarming rate-
While recession and restructuring tend to widen
The gap, and the finance controls the fate!

To free humanity from the shackles of
Poverty today, I am nothing but a single voice-
But I speak out of my own convictions
To make it heard globally, without a choice!
Political wills must make human well being
As an essential parameter to reach the goal-
'Cause poverty and marginalization threaten
To undermine the peace and create the toll!

Through perseverance, tenacity, and selflessness,
We can surely make the shift-
In the lives of those people, stricken by poverty,
And assist them to rise up or lift!
We can't wait for perfect governance,
Or engage in endless accusations to pass on blame-
Rather, the challenge is at hand now, and we need
To form an alliance to douse the flame!

Well, actions speak louder than words
And war needs to be waged against poverty now-
Via the marriage of talent, technology,
With a true commitment, and it will show us how!
We may face a barrage of resistance or cynicism,
But still the motivation we must share-
And allow fight against poverty on all fronts
To nip the germination of seeds of despair!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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