Theme: Reflections

Remembering Year 2006

I sit and think
About 2006
Soon it will be gone
Never to be re-born
Never 2006 to write
Never 2006 a year to time
It would pass away
Under the hovel
Of the past
To keep itself
Dry and from rust
It would be out of reach

Sit under the umbrella on some beach
When I go there with my Canadian dollar
Playing a tourist for some fun and cheer
I shall find 2006 crouching under the umbrella
With a not so good looking girl called Annabella

Thanks to President Bush arrogant and proud
He went to war in Iraq on his free will
Because he thought the Iraqis would foot the bill
They have black gold Bush had announced
In that country it never gets cold
All that Bush had thought was wrong wrong
Dead wrong
But he never could rewrite the war song
The Americans lost face to Iraq and the whole world
But Bush stood bold

Since he was not in war neither his wife
Nor his daughters
He didn't mind as long as he killed his neighbors
After 3000 died
His countrymen cried
Enough is enough
Either bring the soldiers home
Or we shall call your bluff

What had I learnt?
That it doesn't pay to be arrogant and proud
They fall on their face
To be wiped out without a trace
I wish to be remembered when I'm gone
By my children with a happy face.


More By  : Dr. Manasi Dutt

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