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Tears, Idle Tears

When you came to us twelve years ago
You were a ball of wool
A toddler barely one month old
A breast sucking babe
And always full of play.
You took some time to shed
Some of your naughtiness
And to learn to behave
Yet a lot of it you still retained
Till your very last days
And it was so sweet
It always sweetened our lives
Often prone to be sour
You never liked anyone to quarrel
To show your disapproval
You hurried to a corner
Or took some cover
An embodiment of happiness
You were always happy
Even with trifles
Like a rag, a stick or a ball of rubber.

You took to your new mother like your own
Because you never measured your choice
By rank or riches
As we always do.
A great detective
You could easily detect
The presence or absence of love.
You sought coziness and warmth
Not of physical comfort but of love and care.
You relished a hug or a kiss
More than a dish of sweet fare.

You grew up with mother's other daughter
And became great friends.
You made her your constant companion
And taught her how to love
When weighed down by weighty things
Like her heavy studies or exams
You were always there her to tell
Not to make life dreary and dry
Not to make it all work
But to keep aside some time to play
And to share the precious moments
Of your perennial joyfulness.

The home you once made your own
A castle you jealously guarded
With all your might and main
Against all sorts of intruders
And all kinds of sorrow and pain
Your golden touch
Once filled it with fresh air
And a lot of light and innocent fun
Now even under the midday sun
It stands empty and dark
Like a house of death
When you suddenly left
You took it all away with you
Now there an utter loneliness reigns.
But you have left your indelible marks
In all its nooks and corners
And in every place
To efface them is but to efface our very existence.
1st of November, 2002.


More By  :  K.R. Biswas

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