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Ship of Lies

For years you had been floating,
On the ocean of truth around you,
In a ship that was built using,
Lies and deception as the bulwark,
And layers of falsehoods fastened,
You sat smug and secure in your ship,
In the belief that this ship you made,
Would protect you from the swirling,
Currents of honesty and truth all around,
You looked at those helpless souls,
Tossed around in the ocean,
Who choose the path of truth and honesty,
And you felt secure in your own world,
But the ocean had found a small leak,
In the huge ship you had built,
And it started penetrating through the hole,
Chipping away at the layers of deceit,
Which you had carefully placed all these years,
As the ocean nudged it’s way in slowly,
You blissfully choose to ignore the truth,
Until the walls fell one by one,
And by the time you knew it,
The ocean burst into your ship,
And you were caught helplessly in the tides,
As the furious ocean dragged down you,
And your ship of lies to the bottom.


More By  :  Ratnakar Sadasyula

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