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Terrorism in this World

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Changed is the word humanism
some people have changed their mannerism
they cause murder and mayhem,
from New York to Birmingham,
spread everywhere is terrorism.

'Freedom Fighters We Are!' they say
'Bombs, guns, bullets is the only way'
'Justice is what we have been denied'
and we will snatch it if required.

There are no rules, no regulations,
what we desire is total domination,
and if not there'll be total annihilation,
be aware of our declaration.

Amidst all this noise, I hear a soft voice
Mother Nature she is, So Serene and Wise,
'this world is for all', she says,
Please stop these violent ways,
cause it's not going to help in anyway.'

Tears I see in her eye,
cause her children fight and die,
hatred, revenge, bloodshed and scorn,
restless, yet helpless as she looks on,
terrible disease mankind has got,
if not cured, will surely rot.

SO People everywhere Lets unite,
forget our grudges and our fights,
lets wake up to a new dawn
of peace, harmony and calm,
its about time, we change our ways
'cause we all have only one earth to stay.


More By  :  Siddhesh Ghag

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