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Dear child

Dear child
tooth-less smile
intense mild
ageless wise
welcome all

Knowledge tree
heavy with fruits
down to earth
in the jungle of boots

Forbid fear
now and here
life is ours
for the asking

In the mess of life
wrong ‘n’ right
target is fear
shoot at sight

Love god, adore him
admire, enjoy ‘n’ explore
his unique craft
perfection of all virtues
master designer
unblemished his art

His cycles of resources
preprogrammed seeds
the smartest benefactor
forgets the deeds

Man in intellectual infancy
fails to grasp
one single fact
about life ‘n’ death

Birth flags off
journey of life
to do its two bits
work ‘n’ fun
logical conclusion then
of a purposeful life
the death arrives

The nature bestows
unbound affection
on the fallen actor
mourning silently
absorbs into her bosom
for the sake of posterity

Without discrimination
without fail
since time immemorial
till farthest future date
these rules of god
perfectly true
night ‘n’ day
chasing each other
or attraction between
male ‘n’ female

Birth then death
is god’s method
of ensuring perpetual life
new replacing the old

For proof
imagine the world
without death
first dictator
still in boots
first witch-doctor
purveying untruths
the land ‘n’ the seas
crowded with
undying species

Tenderness of god
ruled it out forever
and created a paradise
on the earth
and all around
where we live
only once

The whole exercise
of numerous contrasts
for knowledge
and harmony
birth ‘n’ death
making life
casting shadows
dark ‘n’ bright
thorn ‘n’ rose
producing fragrance
for the benefit of every one

The mankind
blessed with reason
and faster than light
the imagination
broken into two
perfect halves
co-inheritors she ‘n’ he
of god’s legacy

The nature executes
God’s will
fools meddle
the final arbitrator
time heals

Absolutely confident
of his grand design
the cosmos
and the human mind
God left us
as our own masters

Man right now
trapped inside
the colors of hide
axes of prayer
dresses he wears
is like a baby
refusing to come out
into the world
outside mother’s womb

Oh the agony of labor
die or deliver
in the nest
of mother’s breasts
and arms
the child soon transforms
into a toothless grin
rest is our history.


More By  :  Anand Rishi

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