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Silenced Wounds of Child Abuse

Intensive research and data confirm
That child abuse constitutes a brain damage for sure-
And emotional injuries cause brain wounds
That are hard to heal, or child has to endure!
The damage caused by the child abuse
Can be noticed in inner structures of the brain-
While the sexual abuse in early childhood
Create a mental anguish or physical strain!

As per neuroscience, the irritability in vermis
Can slowly affect the electrical tension,
Of the limbic system that controls the emotions,
Difficult to ignore or not to mention!
Seizers and symptom like tingling, numbness/dizziness
May be experienced by the child-
Followed by uncontrollable staring or twitching,
Irrespective of the abuse, severe or mild!
During the temporal lobe epilepsy through a stimulation
Of the intricate amigdala region-
Distortions of shape/size, or mind-body dissociation
Are common, like in a loving pigeon!

Child abuse distorts the vermis that produces
Neurochemicals: epinephrine and dopamine-
And affect hippocampus* with amigdala
Where emotions are triggered to brain and shine!
Over the past several decades, it was thought
That child abuse could be erased upon time-
So a link between child abuse and offenders
Was designed to prove its worth over a dime!
Criminals for child abuse have been in general victims
Of child abuse in their early age-
Likewise parents who beat their children
May have been beaten by their elders with rage!
Thus the vicious circle of child abuse
Has been moving on in our society year after year-
And researchers have proved child abuse
Causes personality disorders to generate a fear!
Depression, schizophrenia, autism
And attention/deficit hyperactivity are only a few-
And these maladies are related to genetic
Or prenatal factors for a psychiatric review!

Child abuse can affect the fast neurochemical
Production of the vermis in the long run-
And may influence the mental health of a child
To grow up in love with the normal fun!
The vermis regulates the electric irritability
Of the limbic system, like in a winding clock-
While the reduced integration of left/right
Hemispheres of brain brings thoughts to flock!
Polarized dominance of one hemisphere
Causes the child to see people in a negative way-
And it produces abrupt or violent reaction
Based on surroundings instead of gentle sway!
The irritability of limbic system may cause
Aggression, exasperation and anxiety as well-
Followed by the self-destructive behaviors
As a start in child abuse for the mind to swell!

With changes in dynamics of modern society,
Millions are being subjected to child abuse-
And thus crop of criminals, drug addicts
Or child offenders are created to blow their fuse!
The condition of stress inflicted in a child's mind
Remains permanently wired somehow-
So his or her main usual reaction is one of hate,
Aggression/violence with a revenge vow!
Thus a chain of events, violence and abuse
Passes on from the generations to roll-
And the condition of self-abasement
With despondence prevails to create the toll!

Data reveals child abuse prevents adequate learning,
And now cries for an early detection-
And thus the action should be taken at an initial stage
Through tests or thorough selection!
Brain damage can be permanent and may pose
Grave repercussions on family or schools-
Followed by truancy or bad behavior,
Demanding on a check through neuroscience tools!
Child abuse is a serious problem in which
Alcoholism/home violence is a common cause-
So may I urge you to think and treat this issue
Of 'silenced wounds' with a serious pause?


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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