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A Heart Buried in Sand

Freedom is something that we sometimes take for granted. Something as simple as being able to express our love for another individual is one of those things. I once read an article about Afghanistan women who simply want to buy their lover a gift for Valentines Day, and was shocked to learn how difficult that is. Weeks before the 14th of February the police begin looking for shop violators who display any merchandise that would in any way endorse that day. Basically anything red must be removed or the shop owners can be fined. Anyone caught trying to buy can also be fined. Regardless, the challenge is on -

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching
as religious police on the prowl are enforcing
that red ~ is a shade of shame.
Yet, the blush of a heart, endorsing that love
wears a feeling that blame - will never crush!
and so she must hurry ~

to please him ...

Resigned in her quest she scours each shop,
swathed 'neath a cause, within her dark burqa
ideally designed for these "desert storms",
her darting eyes scan the sparsely stocked shelves ~
Searching 'for that one special token. A reminder
of her unspoken affection ~

to please him ...

While grains of sand, drip their rhythm in time
covertly, she flirts with ancient laws of her land.
Her heart's command ~ pumps a rich-red beat
In her subtle way ~ it's defeat ~ she'll elude;
The challenge speaks loud of her past
with a present desire ~

to please him ...

The landscape is harsh as she makes her way
through reality's mountains of dunes.
Blinded from birth to the uneven odds
this farce takes doom for a whirl ~
Her world, in a way, that's a little mixed up'
Yet, with that dervish she dances
and steadfast she remains ~

to please him ...

The old shop woman knows well,
of thoughts, that must stay veiled.
Taking her hand; slides behind a musty drape.
A black market of red ~ where trinkets are cached;
safely stashed from prying eyes.
This place that breathes new life for love
A treasure trove, silently undressed!
lies there bare, to be bought ~

to please him...

As she slips back into the streets,
her smiling, dark eyes
will never be read by this force,
that puts chains on passion.
Her saved ration of money now
concluded, well-spent.
Never mind the risk, it's a small price to pay
nor will there be dread in her joyful thoughts
as she anticipates her red,
Valentine gift ~

pleasing him ...


More By  :  Joy A. Burki-Watson

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