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The Anniversary

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Now the anniversary approaches,
Like a bad dream it encroaches,
A gut wrenching feeling abounds,
A sense of desperation again surrounds.

The most tragic event of my lifetime
Is going to be reminisced time after time.
The airwaves will be filled with tragic memories,
Only fueling more depression and more worries.

Religious fervor and bigotry only begets,
Hatred, and violence one never forgets.
Though the guilty elements need elimination,
The real hope, for the long term is education.

Have we not seen it again and again?
Overplayed on television time and again.
The crumbling towers and people fleeing en masse,
The smoke, dust, debris and pieces of glass.

Paying respect to the departed victims is noble,
But exploiting sentiments is nothing but ignoble.
We should hold a quiet candle light vigilance,
With a vow to fight prejudice, hatred and violence.

How we remember that day of mourning,
With our son walking to work that morning,
Narrowly escaping, trapped in lower Manhattan,
The deep sense of despair, we have not forgotten.

September 11 has been designated ‘Patriots’ Day’
With half-mast flags that in the winds sway,
Reminding us of perils we face, courage we need,
But we know we shall never forget that day, indeed.


More By  : Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

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