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Uncertainties and Realities

Uncertainties and Realities
As we lay arms and legs entwined....
the contrast of skin complexion is vivid,
but it's hard to determine where
I end, and you begin.
We are one when lying thus,
staring into each other's
eyes, into each other souls.
We connect, compliment, and complete each
I have given myself to you, totally, completely....
in the knowledge that you will take care
with my heart....and with my soul.

You have become a vital component
of the essence of my being.
When we
are together, I feel as I have never felt before,
will ever again with
anyone else.
I long for you to give yourself freely, completely,
to release
these feelings that you try so hard to restrain,
and I long for you to
share all of yourself with me.
You withhold from me the gift that would
sustain me,
fortify me, which would nurture the emotions we feel....
or at least the love that I feel for you, unconditionally.
Though I understand
your reluctance
....because like the ominous skies before a storm,
it hangs over us, making
time spent together bittersweet.
It cowers in the corners of our minds,

This uncertainty, this pain, this reality.
So jokingly we refer to our
that we will share with each other,
although probably only in
conversations as friends.
And it hurts to think of the time
when this horrible reality will come to pass
and we will have to live
with just memories.
But I will have those memories
to comfort me,
to cling to, to warm me,
when the nights are too dark and
the wind is too cold.
For the love we shared will warm my nights,
my heart,
and my soul....
and bring a smile to the lips
that you once kissed....
so tenderly
....with such love.


More By  :  Sherrie Gore

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