Theme: Society

Dear Society

Dear society
of irrational animals
friends ‘n’ foes

You did not care
so I killed myself
in the heat of the moment
or in cold contempt
before your eyes
no one, not once
batted a single lid

Obviously you approve
only this studied
stony silence
is beyond a child’s mind

I am terribly confused
and scared
of this frightening indifference
bordering on the absurd

A faint suspicion
that you too
not keeping well
enlarges itself
by the seconds
Now I am sure
we are all dead

Besides constipation
of thought ‘n’ action
follies glitter
on the ancestral tree
free for all
no holds barred
commercial helping
insatiable greed
confound the case
with indigestion

To a simple soul
this collective
congenital death-wish
is the original sin
and rising of dead self
like a phoenix
the divine miracle.


More By  :  Anand Rishi

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