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The Boss

He is the greatest
He is the ultimate
Of all things
And of all beings.
In him I move
And have my being.
He rarely smiles,
But if ever he smiles
I liquefy;
I petrify
If stony and grave he looks
Which he usually does.
When near him
I become nervy,
But away from him
My nerves become strong.
To prove it with a vengeance
Without a moment's loss
I test the strength of my nerves
On him to whom I am the boss.
Does my boss have a boss?
Like me
Does my boss do similarly?

It's an axiomatic truth
My boss is always right.
He knows everything
It's as sure as morning
Goes before evening.
Possessed of intuition
And judgement sound
He can never be wrong.
Whatever is right is right
Because of him
And in spite of me;
But if anything ever goes wrong
In spite of him
It's because of me
Who fails to give
The right kind of advice.
If you don't believe
See my ACR*
For it's all written there
In that dreadful dossier.
How is the boss to his boss?
Also a dross?
Logically, of course,
If he has a boss.

Logically it also follows –
And it's a piece of friendly advice –
You have to propitiate and please
Not only your boss
But also your boss's boss
And you have to rightly guess
Who that personage is.
And may you God bless
If by chance
Your wife isn't uglier than his.
It's still worse
If over his brat your brat excels.
In either case
You seek a transfer
Or voluntarily retire
Or better go to hell
Rather than over your boss excel.


More By  :  Kumud Biswas

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