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Dear god
on behalf of children
and tiny tots
we sincerely apologize
pardon us lord

We knew not
what we did
did not think
what we thought

Through the centuries
we pretended sleep
under the spell
of a black magic

Tossing, turning
cornered, tortured
and blind-folded
we could only weep

Confess we
once and for all
hiding nothing
from the children
so forgive us god

Proclaiming the opposite
we made you up
in our very own
imperfect image
and adorned you
with devil’s frills
who promises houries
in the hereafter
begrudging here
our little pleasures
always to be humored
with sacrifices ‘n’ blood

The zealots ‘n’ the bigots
turned you upside down
to make a false ferocious dog
out of a benevolent god
who only barks
at the merchants
reserving its bite
for the ignorant servants

The genius
of the commercial man
everything under the blue sky
is a commodity for sale
be it god or dog
heaven ‘n’ hell

God-fearing nations
indulged with abandon
in the immoral trades
of the black flesh
because the Church condemned
the black descendants
of Adam ‘n’ Eve
to a wretched existence

The dark is evil
only birthday suit if black
not tie, coat, habit
cloak or sack

Our religions are
only skin deep
love ‘n’ peace
in the Scriptures sleep

Life to us is
a balance-sheet
figures ‘n’ words
our compulsive creed

Long titles
and large harems
name ‘n’ fame
and the power games

Ah the illusions
of grandeur
pomp ‘n’ show
man so painstakingly
around himself grows
hypnotizes others
for a while
in the long run
posterity smiles

Egyptian mummies await
were the Pharaohs once
men most powerful
in their times

Power ‘n’ wisdom
seldom unite
this great tragedy
we must always fight

Seen through
the right angle though
it becomes a stick
for measuring down
powerful jokers with
exceptions must be few

Very complicated
this business of evolution
a revolution merely a flash
in it’s seething cauldron

A poisoned philosopher
and a beheaded queen
incidental ‘n’ remote
cause ‘n’ effect

World a stage alright
will always remain so
the perpetual life
the spirit
the everlasting shows
has us
for actors ‘n’ extras
slaves ‘n’ pharaohs

When the bell tolls
silence or applause
actors or extras
dead are oblivious to all

Life begets life
sustains, propagates itself
in tandem with nature
always marching ahead

Desire, deserve ‘n’ enjoy
to heart’s content
that’s the purpose of life
how magnificent

The how ‘n’ who
of god and his skill
is the last clause
in unknown benefactor’s will

A zillion light years
we must go
before your identity
Father Almighty
we come to know.


More By  :  Anand Rishi

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