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Unity Day: Kaleidoscope for Human Solidarity

By virtue of birth, we are all members
Of the human race where diversity is a vital issue-
And it blooms like flowers in an arboretum
To promote own culture, religion, and mental tissue!
The strength of any nation and the world community
Comes from our diversity as a primary source-
To build the bridges of unity and cooperation
Needed for the progress of humanity with a viable force!

Life takes its usual toll on minds, and we all know
The pain and struggle that always follow us-
While the days and nights come and go
To fetch the joy or sorrow, buried in tradition or fuss!
Intimidation, harassment, and bullying may appear
To bring us victory and short-term gains for sure-
But the scars on the hearts of global humanity will remain
As a sore of thumb for many generations to endure!

Today, science, technology and the Internet are bringing in
The diverse people much closer than we may think-
Through an emphasis on the need to create momentum
And lasting universality to allow our minds to sink!
The violence in any society can be minimized
Via an understanding of tolerance and diversity-
While the instruments of hope and compassion
In the face of spiritual needs will face eternity!

Oneness of humanity under God and the elimination
Of racial prejudice are the central point-
To overcome the obstacles of achieving world peace
That is shadowing our skeleton and every joint!
The sense of open acceptance with unity
Seems to slip away that we need to prevent first-
And promote peace with harmony to unifying all facets
Of wellness and quench the thirst!

The lack of unity has a latent tendency to pin one race
With supremacy against the "inferior" (??!!) others-
And this trend seems to rattle the historical and
Economic consequences since the reign of our forefathers!
So we need to come together to reaffirm
Our commitments to justice, tolerance and peace-
And build the future of humanity with a room
Free from violence that we can't afford to miss!

Through "H-Ray Vision" and "Hillologue" of multiculturalism
And unity in diversity, we can achieve the profound goal-
Of promoting the oneness of humanity, while reaffirming
Our rejection of intolerance that's taking the toll!
Remember, no country is immune from the costs
Inflicted by prejudice or intolerance at all-
And we need to invigorate the future plan of action and
Stand ready to serve at the beck and call!

In our interdependent world today, we must be guided by
The shared values and unity as well-
To achieve global alliance via tolerance, justice,
And peace of mind where our future needs to dwell!
Offending the global conscience and undermining
The sense of shared humanity will surely take us back-
On the bandwagon of the progress we have made so far,
And show us the ingredients that we lack!

Well, as a cheerleader for the promotion of universal
And inalienable rights of humanity, I must confess-
About the need for laying the platform to speak,
To act, to grow, to live, and nothing less!
Fortunately, in "Hillolsphere", I see the horizons
Of human rights are ever widening now-
With a better prospect of human solidarity
Through science, Internet and technical know-how!
So, let's continue to seek cooperation instead of confrontation, and
Tolerance without violence to embolden the rays of hope-
And celebrate the "Unity Day" to observe the prospects
Of oneness of humanity in our mental kaleidoscope!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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