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The Color of My Passport...

It is just the color of my passport,
that has changed from blue to red.
As if a part of me
has been lost in the distant horizon.

The color of my skin cannot change
It is the same heart that beats in me
The Indian National Anthem does engage me,
automatically into the attention mode
And I stand at ease and think
How does the color of the passport change?

The ocean of emotions is charged
The flight of Icarus is unbridled
The wax will melt and wings burn
Bang! On the rough surface of the earth!
Sky splattered with blood.
Why does the color of the sky burn and change?
How does the color of the passport change?

Friends have termed me a traitor
For me they have anger and jeers.
My explanations, my tears
have fallen on the deaf ears.
Why does the behavior of friends change?
How does the color of the passport change?

Leaving Jagraon for Ludhiana;
Is that not treason with the village?
Shifting from Ludhiana to Mumbai
Could well be termed as treason with the town.
Migration from Mumbai to London
Changes all the love and support
Thus changes the color of the passport!


More By  :  Tejinder Sharma

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